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VJamm - VJ Software - VJamm3
VJamm - VJ Software - VJamm3  

VJamm Sound Mirrors Help - Essential Controls

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VJamm - VJ Software - Essential Controls

These 4 buttons provide crucial controls for VJamming

Trigger to Front - When trigger to front is switched on clips jump to the top of the layer stack when you trigger them. This way you always get to see the clip you have triggered and the rest of your clips shuffle down the stack to make room.

Monophonic - In Monophonic mode VJamm3 only plays one clip at once. Useful for simple, clean compositions and slower machines.

Loop - If loop is ON when you trigger a clip it will loop forever. If loop is OFF when you trigger a clip the clip will play to the OUT point and then stop

PC Key Note Off - When this control is ON clips only play as long as you hold their PC key down.

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